2016年,他揉合了攝影師Bebebop的作品,在網絡上首先發佈了兩首電子音樂——〈Basement Was Closed〉及〈Elevated To The 20th Floor〉。及後他與視覺藝術家Jasmine Cheung合作,為她的個展編錄了一首歌曲——〈In Between The Woods〉,一首充滿了合成器、鼓樂以及部份即興演奏的音樂。這些作品初步體現出Tomii的音樂略帶有藍調氣息、富節奏感、豐富以及色調頗為深沉的一面。


好馬不停蹄,時間只過了半年,2018年中他又再次「自編自導」,推出了重視民謠、鄉謠及藍調曲風的第二張專輯《Not A Good Day To Die》,撇除各重電子聲效,以簡單樂器編制及純樸歌詞發掘出一個四十分鐘的自省空間,印製200隻CD,以個人廠牌Grand View Records的名義發行,並獲《號外》雜誌訪問。



2020年,Tomii推出了全新EP《Replay》,五首歌曲,情感豐富,將盛載著Tomii當時需要面對他自己的過去、壓抑、自責及人際關係時而浮現的黑暗面。EP封面由Ann Gee Chan所畫,並由香港獨立廠牌Popkisspunk發行卡式帶。

Tomii同時身為音樂監製/共同監製、配樂師,曾合作單位包括Serrini、金巴利道同真理生命、Stranded Whale、Jonathan Yang及Lok等人;配樂方面,曾參於《衝上雲宵》及鮮浪潮電節參展作品《氾濫》等。


A singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and a member of soul band Fds/4eva from Hong Kong. Tomii is creating his own sound with all the musical influences he has absorbed including soul, blues, folk and pop.

Tomii released his debut album “Arrays” in August 2017, a compilation-like album showcasing his multi-genres influence.

The second album “Not A Good Day To Die” was released in May 2018, emphasising on the styles of folk, blues, and country music. Tomii recorded and mixed nearly all tracks for it and published limited copies of 200 CDs under his own label Grand View Records, selling them mostly in live shows. Both albums were finished as DIY efforts mostly. The project was interviewed by the City Magazine.

Tomii Chan did a four stops Taiwan tour in January 2019, and revisited the country again in May the same year playing a solo concert in the renowned Genki CD Shop in the city of Taichung, gaining a few more outside audiences along the way.

In 2020, Tomii has published "Replay", an emotional EP containing Tomii’s darker sides when he was dealing with his personal history, suppression, self hatred and interpersonal relationships at that period of time. The EP cover was drawn by An Gee Chan, and cassettes will be published by Hong Kong music label Popkisspunk.

Tomii also works as a producer and film scorer, worked with local music acts across genres including Serrini, Kimberly Road Union, Stranded Whale, Jonathan Yang and Lok. For film and videos, he had participated in music productions for commercial film "Triumph in the Skies" and Fresh Wave Festival production "Overflow" for examples.

Tomii also established himself as an event organiser, founding Gloomy Island Blues Festival in 2018 and curated many one-off or short series music shows in Hong Kong.