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香港音樂人、多樣樂器演奏者、唱作人、監製,soul樂隊Fds/4eva成員。在他個人生涯當中,Tomii透過吸收靈魂、藍調、民謠及流行音樂的影響,打造出屬於他的聲音。2017年,Tomii自監、自錄、自資,推出風格迥異的首張專輯《Arrays》;2018年,他沿用相同製作模式,以自家廠牌Grand View Records推出擁有簡單樂器編制及純樸歌詞的第二張民謠/藍調專輯《Not A Good Day To Die》,並獲《號外》雜誌訪問。2020年透過香港廠牌Popkisspunk推出全新EP《Replay》,並發行限量卡式帶。

Tomii同時身為音樂監製/共同監製、配樂師,曾合作單位包括Serrini、金巴利道同真理生命、Stranded Whale、Jonathan Yang及Lok等人;配樂方面,曾參於《無映之地》及鮮浪潮電節參展作品《氾濫》等。


A singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and a member of soul band Fds/4eva from Hong Kong. Tomii is creating his own sound with all the musical influences he has absorbed including soul, blues, folk and pop. Tomii self-funded, produced and recorded his first musically diversified album "Arrays" in 2017, followed by a DIY folk and blues project "Not A Good Day To Die" in 2018 which was released under his own label Grand View Records, the project was interviewed by the City Magazine. His latest 5 songs EP “Replay” were released in 2020 via HK label Popkisspunk with limited edition cassette tapes being printed.

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