The Problem of Never Leaving Your Home

The Problem of Never Leaving Your Home



印刷品一套三款,每款售價180 HKD(未連郵費),連畫框及單曲下載碼,並附有序列號以及我的親筆簽名。印刷品會放在我的網店上發售,下單後會用香港郵政寄送到府上,不管你是在台灣或世界其他地方也可以送達。


This is my first mechanise! A cooperation with illustrator Helen Wong, I’ve used the method of silk screen printing to manufacture a series of art prints for sales. It is a very limited production, 3 paintings, with 20 copies each. Due to the production method, each print will be uniquely different with small variations of details. 


The print comes in 3 versions with 180 HKD each (mail cost not included), including a frame, download code for the single, and a serial number alongside with my signature. The prints is now available on my web store, and will be delivered to your home by mail using Hong Kong Post. Rather you’re in Taiwan or the rest of world, it can reach you.